Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Busy Month Ahead at Theatre Charlotte

Looking ahead into the month of April, it seems that the Theatre Charlotte calendar is basically littered with special events. As a staff member, it’s a little scary to see something different going on pretty much every Friday and Saturday for an entire month, but it’s also exciting and definitely gives us a lot to look forward to (including, but not limited to, the month of May which will mostly be taken up by our final production of the season, Smoke on the Mountain).

Here’s a rundown of what’s going on in April:
This weekend – April 9-10 – 24 Hour Theatre Project
Next weekend – Friday, April 16th – just do it “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word”
Saturday, April 17th – Junior Cabaret
The following weekend – Friday, April 23rd – Helen Kearney Konen’s Actor’s Studio Showcase
Saturday, April 24th – Volunteer Work Day for Smoke on the Mountain (10am – 1pm)
Saturday, April 24th – Charlotte Film Society “Nothing but the Truth” (7:30pm)

So, we’re got a pretty busy month ahead. In order to keep everyone filled in on every event we have this month, I’ll try to post a blog to tell you more about each of these events. For now, here’s more information about this weekend’s event, the 24 Hour Theatre Project, and a personal story about my participation in this crazy day at the theatre!
The 24 Hour Theatre Project is a really fun, unpredictable, and slightly off-the-wall event. Once a standard event for BareBones Theatre Group, this project now finds a new home at Theatre Charlotte with the help and expertise of Jim Yost, one of BareBones founders. Here’s how the event works: At 8:00pm on Friday night, April 9, 6 playwrights - Vito Abate, Matt Cosper, Bryce Cyrier, Kirk Dickens, Emma Gutt, Peter Smeal – will get a theme or some sort of starting point that they will then use to each write a 10 minute play in less than 12 hours. Then, Saturday morning, 6 directors - Jillian Claire, Robert Haulbrook, Parker Horn, Ben McCarthy, Julie Strassel, and Greta Zandstra – will receive copies of those plays, audition actors, rehearse the plays, and then present them at 8:00pm on Saturday, April 10.

A few years ago, my husband and I took on the task of writing one of the plays for the 24 Hour Theatre Project. This made for one of the longest nights of my life! Our “theme” was to choose one of two pre-selected Shakespearean sonnets (neither of which we really understood). We spent the first few hours just trying to come up with an idea of what the play could be about. When we finally settled on something - a play written in reverse, starting at the end and then ending at the beginning – we spent the rest of the night frantically writing, writing too much, adding too many characters, and then trying to cut back to stay within the time and character limits. Finally, we just had to cross our fingers, press print, and turn in our play. I spent the next 12 hours stressed out that our jumbled mess of a play wouldn’t make any sense and would turn out terribly. I desperately wanted to go talk to the director and explain the script to him, but playwrights were not allowed in the rehearsal space. So we waited. Finally, it was showtime. Our play actually turned out MUCH better than we expected, making the whole nerve-wracking experience totally worth it! Hopefully this year’s writers, directors, actors, and audience members will have just as much fun as we did a few years ago!

Want to be a part of the 24 Hour Theatre Project? Come to auditions at 9:00am this Saturday, April 10th.
Want to come to the 24 Hour Theatre Project? Tickets are $10 and are available at the door starting at 7:00pm on Saturday.

More info: http://www.theatrecharlotte.org/24hour.htm

Meet Ellis - our new Marketing intern

Hello everyone, I would like to start by saying Theatre Charlotte is the “bomb.com.” Next, I would like to introduce myself. My names Ellis Lloyd and I am a senior at Johnson & Wales, with an Associates degree in Business Administration studying to get my Bachelors degree in Marketing. I am currently interning in the marketing department of Theatre Charlotte and having a lot of fun working with such a wonderful staff. I also feel privileged to promote such high quality and downright good plays. I work behind the scenes with Mrs. Jackie Timmons to spread the word of these phenomenal experiences that they provide the community. I really do not have any previous Theatre experience but I do enjoy the experience as well as the atmosphere. So come on down, purchase a ticket bring the family and join us here at Theatre Charlotte and become part of the family.